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Educational Webinars

New comprehensive concept of hosted live educational webinars for public and professionals.
You can watch the individual webinars LIVE on zoom from your home or see the recording later.

  • Element and organ overview as per TCM
  • Kidney and bladder support products
  • Preventing aging products incl. Collagen
  • Details about Tribulus Terrestris, King Kong and Celitin
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    9th March 2024 - ENERGYFOOD
  • New product line
  • Diet as medicine
  • Biorhythmic nutrition based on the Five Elements of TCM
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    6th April 2024 - MYCOSYNERGY
  • Medicinal mushroom products
  • Latest case studies
  • Best and effective combinations with other Energy products
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    27th April 2024 - WOOD ELEMENT
  • Element and organ overview as per TCM
  • Liver and gall bladder support products
  • Support on eczema and digestive disorders
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    18th May 2024 - FIRE ELEMENT
  • Element and organ overview as per TCM
  • Heart and small intestine support products
  • Support on insomnia, depression, blood problems
  • Betafit combinations
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    8th June 2024 - EARTH ELEMENT
  • Element and organ overview as per TCM
  • Stomach, spleen and pancreas support products
  • Support during menopause, fighting back pain
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    29th June 2024 - SUMMER FIRST AID KIT
  • Get your holistic first aid kit ready
  • What are the ultimate travel essentials
  • Immunity support, desinfection, inflammation, minor wounds, pre
  • and post sun exposure care
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