You cannot stop!

Who does not want to be sprightly and self-sufficient as we grow old? Who does not dream of a wise and contented old age? It is possible. You just need to believe that it is not science-fiction.

From the point of view of energy, old age is defined by the element Water, and similarly to water, it can have two basic forms. It can flow like a river, fertilizing its banks, or it can be a murky pond that stinks of rotting sludge. Water can either bring wisdom or depression. Where energy flows there is no stagnation, where there is stagnation there is no flow.

Imagine a new, clean (young) house. Energy can flow freely here. However, as we age, energy flow is slowly but steadily curbed due to naturally growing entropy and mistreatment. Things accumulate which should not be there at all, like dust collecting in the corners, energy stagnates, and the house starts getting old. In the corners of an ageing body there are also many waste substances similar to the corners of an old, unkempt house - arteries are clogged like corridors in a house with too many possessions. If we do not want the energy in our lives to stagnate, it is necessary to regularly remove any useless clutter from our bodies and our living space... because inside and outside are interconnected.

It is a simple principle. All the elderly people I do yoga with unanimously swear by one basic, obvious rule: “If you want to live, you can never stop.” Therefore every disease, immobility, or situation in which they are confined to bed, is very dangerous for the elderly. If the bike chain falls off, there is the risk that once stopped, the bike will never move again. It is important to realize that, like money, energy generates energy. In other words – if you think your body will relax and gain energy by lying on the sofa watching TV, you are wrong. It is an illusion. We have energy while it flows, when it stops it is as though it never existed. This truth echoes with every heartbeat in our arteries. If circulation stops we still have an abundance of blood, but it is all in vain.

Do you want to know what it means in practice? Do what you like doing. Work in your garden, go for trips, pick mushrooms. Do not sit on your cash, but invest in yourself. For example, fly to Egypt to warm your bones. If you do not know how to go about it, take your grand-daughter with you as a reward for helping you organize everything. Go to the beautician or hair-dresser. Have a massage. Eat good food and wear nice clothes. And remember that you are not doing this only for yourself. Anyone who sees a beaming granny, cutting the air with her mahogany walking stick into the geometric shapes she discovered on the ground near Charles Bridge, will feel emboldened to live to such advanced age themselves. Live for us who are still waiting in line. We are walking your way, it will not take us long, and if we are lucky we will reach where you are. Encourage us, show us how to do it.

We are all waiting in line for the most challenging and insidious opponent we will ever meet in our lives. This opponent is old age, and there is only one way to defeat it. Do not fight. Accept all limitations, the pain and the wrinkles. Embrace it all and tell yourself: “So be it. Life is here for us to enjoy.” This is what Maruška, my friend in her late seventies, says, and she knows well that whining about bad fortune issueless, and that she simply has to enjoy life while she can. In reality, her choice of words is different, a little cruder: “Either live or die, but never just survive!”

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