I’m yours...

I’ve been with you from the very beginning and, like you, I keep learning how to be better and more efficient. I can remember all your common colds, stomach aches, and temperatures. I’m constantly solving problems you don’t even know you have. I’m flexible and resourceful. I know you much better than you could ever imagine. And the main thing is: you can’t survive without me. I’m your immune system, that’s why I’m on a first-name basis with you...

I don’t want to bore you by listing all the technical details of my job, it’s all a very complicated system. I send various cell units into action every day with a broad range of weapons, and these units circulate in your blood system and monitor what’s going on around them. And believe me, they never let up. My units patrol and monitor the situation to make sure hostile strains of viruses, bacteria, or fungi aren’t multiplying in your body. We follow a very strict protocol, and we’ve very high demands – even on your own body’s cells: if any of them don’t work well, have become ill, old, or have even turned cancerous, we show no mercy and eliminate them. Our security system units (leukocytes) are produced in your bone marrow, they report to thee lymph nodes, and train in the thymus. We are indefatigable. Working day in and day out, there’s always plenty to do. When you help us, it makes it easier for us, but more often you tend to complicate things.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: there’s a civilization of alien organisms in your body, but we don’t attack them because they help us. These organisms are bacteria in your large intestine, and my units literally depend on them. For us, they are like sutlers. And like sutlers – those civilian merchants who sold goods from their wagons to the armies of old – so do these bacteria supply our patrolling units with the necessary resources, and not only us, by the way. Your mental health would collapse without them, but you can read about that in our article entitled “[title]”. I want to entreat you not to kill our beloved sutlers with antibiotics, hormonal contraceptives, unhealthy food (too much sugar, food additives, and agrochemicals), excessive alcohol use, and stress. On the contrary, you can help us – and yourself too – if you pamper your bacteria in the intestine and supplement their numbers. Probiosan Inovum and Chlorella are the ideal solution.

You know, I don’t want to reproach you, but since it’s in your own interest, my hand is forced. You make my job so much harder with your unhealthy lifestyle (you stress too much, sleep too little, you smoke, drink, you don’t do any exercise, and sometimes eat stuff a dog wouldn’t touch), and to make matters worse, you suppress me! Whenever I try to remove pathogens from your body using a simple mechanism (a nonspecific immune system reaction), such as a runny nose, a watering eye, a cough, sweating or a bout of diarrhea, you try stopping it immediately using a chemical medicine. I don’t understand why!

Are you in a hurry and you can’t wait for me to deal with it, or don’t you realize that these are natural manifestations of me working for you?
I could write you a whole chapter on temperature, and another on fevers! You’re obsessed with temperature reduction. You can’t be surprised, therefore, when the treatment takes so much longer. You need to know, my dear host, that temperature is a way for me, your immune system, to increase my efficiency. Not only do pathogens start dying at higher temperatures, but I also create specific antibodies at about 38 °C (100.4 °F). Please, do not suppress me, and ideally, you should wait for three days for me to use temperature to get you out of most kinds of trouble. If you feel uncomfortable, take a lukewarm shower and drink plenty of water or hot Lapacho or Uncaria tomentosa tea.

If you really want to help me, increase your intake of vitamins D and C (Vitaflorin contains a vitamin complex from exclusively natural sources). And don’t forget minerals such as zinc, green vegetables and those herbal substances that are well-known for being beneficial to immunity. I’m talking about the medicinal mushrooms and Mongolian milkvetch (Astralagus propinquus) that you can find in Imunosan, purple cornflower (echinacea) and common sage (Salvia officinalis) in Grepofit or the highly effective Cistus complex or Vironal.

My units need challenges, they grow stronger as they systematically overcome obstacles, and if they’re idle, they grow lazy and can even run wild and start attacking one another (an autoimmune reaction). A healthy and strong immune system is an immune system that is well trained. Therefore it’s crucial for me to encounter pathogens regularly.

It doesn’t help if you sit at home and just keep disinfecting!
Short-term stress strengthens me, for example, when you run up the stairs fast, jump into cold water, or find yourself in an unknown place. On the other hand, long-term stress is exhausting and weakens me. Cortisol – the stress hormone from the adrenal glands which is released during stress – reduces the number of leukocytes, and if released systematically and over a long period, it literally cripples and paralyzes me. That is why stress is my arch-enemy, and you must try to get rid of stress first if you want me to do my job, and do my best while I’m at it. Work out, meditate, relax, breathe, and make yourself happy.

I’ve been with you from the beginning and I’ll stay with you till the end. There are a lot of things we’ve managed together and we’ll manage new challenges too, should they come. But please don’t underestimate me, don’t suppress me or seek to replace me with chemicals. I’m yours, so have faith.